Duncan Miller lives with his extended family on a small horse farm ln southwestern Maine. Duncan's photographic experience dates back to his teenage years working in traditional darkroom techniques. He has been working professionally since the new millennium and made the transition to digital shortly thereafter. His work has won numerous awards and is in collections throughout the United States.

" I photograph all sorts of subjects but animals are my favorites and horses are the heart of my work. Horses are without guile or pretense; their responses to the world around them are charismatic and plain to see. When life is good their exuberance is writ large in every movement. When life is hard they put their heads down and slog without complaint. With my photographs I can hold, return to, and share some of these ephemeral moments otherwise lost to the chaos of time and motion. It is my hope to share with others, through these images, some of the comfort and inspiration horses give to me."